“Information technology is as complex and diverse as our natural environment.”

ProArchCon GmbH is a professional partner for IT solutions in commercial enterprises of all sizes as well as in public administrations and social institutions.

The company has many years of extensive experience in the telecommunications and new media sectors.

“Everything is evolving and growing, sometimes faster than we think we can comprehend.”

Over the past decade, the company has developed from an established service provider in the field of telecommunications technology to a competent full-service provider for solutions and services in which information and telecommunications technology is in integrated into structures and systems.

Today, the service portfolio comprises the competence centers:

“We need to comprehend all dependencies and requirements in order to be able to safely control development processes.”

Competence Center IT Consulting:
Responsible decisions for a sustainable process and successful development!

Decisions about investments in a company’s IT have a direct impact on the efficiency of the operational processes and thus the highest relevance for the strategic development of the company and its sustainable economic success in the market.

ProArchCon’s IT consulting includes all key areas and tools of a comprehensive situational analysis that enables a reliable investment and development decision in every respect. The main objective of the consulting is a harmoniously developing IT landscape for a customer – in efficient structures and with functioning, future-proof components.

The most common standard services to be provided in this context are:

  • Situation and needs analysis
  • Target and task definition
  • Feasibility studies
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Selection of suppliers, incl. Service, offer and price requests
  • Studies on the correlation of errors
  • Cost-benefit analysis

“Far-sighted planning is the prerequisite for long-term secure growth!”

Competence Center IT-Architecture:
For maximum efficiency in all processes – with a comprehensive guarantee for the future!

The development of the architecture of an IT landscape strictly follows the premises, objectives and performance requirements set by the client. The IT architecture is about optimal planning of the project, which meets the technical requirements as well as the economic expectations of the company.

All structures, solutions and components to be developed by ProArchCon therefore comply with current industry standards and guarantee the use of the most modern hardware and software components available. They ensure maximum efficiency, comprehensive cost transparency and sustainable future security.

The most common standard services to be provided in this context are:

  • Business process modeling
  • IT Modeling
  • Architecture and Solution Design
  • Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM)
  • Software design
  • Requirements Traceability
  • Data modeling

“When the goals are clear, we need a rigorous organization and skilled craftsmen.”

Competence Center IT Projects:
Experienced and efficient management for a perfect realization!
Based on customer processes and standards, ProArchCon organises, manages and implements complete IT projects and tasks of various types and orientations.
We ensure sovereignty and flexibility in management, even with changing conditions and priorities.

The most common standard services to be provided in this context are:

  • Interim management of IT departments, groups and teams
  • Project management
  • Problem, risk and change management
  • Project Back Office
  • Technical documentation
  • Technical translation
  • Script development, including unit testing
  • Test design
  • Test management

and more