Your company is heavily driven by project work or you have tasks where you want to give up the “doing”, while still retaining responsibility. You may not be able to accomplish one or the other task because of the current resource situation. ProArchCon agile teams (PATs) are suitable as an “out-tasking” solution in this situation.

With PATs, you are not using “self-employed / freelancers” to do the tasks on an hourly basis. With PATs, you are “purchasing” completed tasks on a fixed-price basis. The PATs can work from anywhere, can bring their own devices and environments, and can start with very short ramp-up times.

Each PAT has at least two employees. The advantage of this for your company is that the task is completed on a timely period, not only because of two resources, but also because there are no sick or holiday-related work losses. The knowledge is also shared within ProArchCon. Even if some of the PAC team members have moved to other tasks, if you have questions or need further support, you have the assurance that the knowledge and experience will not be lost.

There are four types of PATs:

Software Project Services (PAPTs)

The ProArchCon agile project teams (PAPTs) are composed of experienced project managers and architects, PMOs and analysts. The team takes over the management of your projects including the management of your existing suppliers.

Software Development Services (PADTs)

The ProArchCon agile development teams (PADTs) are composed of developers with different levels of experience and with diverse technologies. All team members are experienced with different development methodologies and standards.

Software Testing Services (PATTs)

All members of a ProArchCon agile test team (PATT) are familiar with test, test management, test automation and technical testing according to ISTQB. Almost all test tools are known to us, incl. ProArchCon’s own tools.

IT Operations Services (PABTs)

The ProArchCon agile operations teams (PABTs) take over the operation of individual areas or applications in your company. The team is staffed with experienced SysAdmins and system managers.