You know exactly what you want and are looking for a reliable partner to implement the software. Simply contact ProArchCon. We are familiar with almost all technologies and computer languages (even “older” ones) and are happy to help.

Below are examples of individual software products that we have already created. If you are interested in the same topics, we have already become experts. Just contact us.

EU Cut Off

For Germany’s largest mobile operator, we have developed an application that helps the network to automatically detect when a roaming customer will cross the cost threshold.

Local Area Code Management

We have developed an application for Germany’s largest mobile operator that detects the monthly changes to global national area codes and prepares updated configuration information for the network.

IP Range Management

Similar to international area codes, the assignment of IP addresses to countries can also change. For Germany’s largest mobile operator, we have developed an application that recognizes the changes and provides configuration assistance for the network.

Deletion of Connection Data

According to EU law, customer-related data and connection data must be completely deleted after a period of time. We have implemented a legally compliant solution to do this for Germany’s largest mobile operator.

Monitoring and Alerting for Interfaces

We have created a solution that monitors the file interface for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. If files are missing, it automatically escalates and alerts. The only way to turn off the alarm is to fix the problem.

Remote Test Interpreter

With this application, a network provider was able to access, operate, and test websites from other countries. Screen shots were created and configure steps entered, all without keyboard and screen.

International Fax Number Verification

We have created a solution to check international fax numbers before sending a fax for one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.