Competence, integrity and reliability. This is what our customers expect from us. That is what we expect from ourselves. Put together, it’s simple, solid IT.

Structures and systems – complete solutions and services

The IT expertise of ProArchCon GmbH is rooted in telecommunications technology. In parallel with the increasing integration of information and telecommunications technology over the last ten years, comprehensive and interdisciplinary know-how has developed, which today enables our company to design and put complete IT/TK solutions into practice.

Software and applications – from design to programming

ProArchCon is familiar with requirements analysis and modelling methods and guarantees proven know-how in the fields of software design, programming, quality assurance, moving into production and operation.

Responsibility – our understanding of professionalism

By performing projects for our customers, we assume an important task and an equally great responsibility for the security of the respective company.

We are fully aware of this responsibility – in every planning and process.

Trust – from entrepreneur to entrepreneur

We know the fundamental importance of IT and secure data management for the proper functioning of the company.

We guarantee loyalty and strict confidentiality – especially when dealing with internal processes, know-how worth protecting and other sensitive information.

Quality – through the highest qualification

ProArchCon GmbH fills its projects with experienced consultants, architects and project managers.

Younger employees are accompanied by a senior consultant.

In this way, we ensure the highest available quality for our client and at the same time promote the qualifications and the transfer of know-how within our team.

Dependability – contractually regulated, personally guaranteed

Correctness in business transactions, comprehensive transparency in all planning and absolute adherence to deadlines in all processes are just as natural for us as for our clients.