ProArchCon consultants are experts in their field and focus solely on customer success. Whether you need a consultant or coach on site for a long time, need training in a specific technology or business area, or simply have ad hoc general IT questions, ProArchCon and your company will find the a way forward.

ProArchCon provides advice in the following areas:

Consulting Services

You are looking for advice in the IT sector You know that ‘something’ needs to be done, but you have problems with the wording of what it is that needs to be done You want to occupy new business areas, but don’t necessarily know how You just want to hear another opinion.
ProArchCon is an company with a lot of experience in IT and in “business” with small and large companies. We are happy to help and act like it. No suit, but real help and honest opinions.

Contracting Services

ProArchCon actually prefers to work with our out-tasking model for topics such as software development, testing, operation and in the area of project management and management in general. But from time to time this is may not be appropriate for you. You actually want to have a temporary employee in your project. For this we also have a contracting offer. Here you can get your projects in the following areas of software development, software testing, software and IT operation and
software project management successfully carried out.